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Jio Giga Fiber Plan, Speed, Offers, Recharge Full Details: 2021



jio giga fiberJio Giga Fiber Plan, Speed, Offers, Recharge Full Details: 2020

Today we will talk about Jio Giga Fiber Plan, Speed, Offers, Recharge Full Details: 2020. You get ultra-high-speed internet in Jio Giga Fiber’s plan.

Which will start your work very quickly. And you all know that Reliance Jio Fiber is the name of Mukesh Ambani’s company.

What offers and plans in it, How you can connect it to your home and how to recharge your Jio Giga fiber plan online. All the information related to them will tell you in detail, so keep reading this article.

What Is Jio Giga Fiber

What Is Jio Giga Fiber

Jio Giga Fiber is an internet sending service by Fiber- to -the Home by Reliance Infocomm.

which is part of Reliance in Mukesh Ambani’s transfer, was announced as Reliance Giga Fiber in 2018 and was renamed on September 5.

Reliance Jio Fiber was named in 2019. And today it is famous as Reliance Jio Fiber.

Currently, the Jio Fiber service is testing at selected locations in several cities and states. In this, you are expected to get 1000 Mbps with access to Jio & other Premium OTT Apps per second.

In the Jio Fiber plan, customers were provided with preview offers, this service was provided free of cost to the customers. This service was available until the commercial launch.

Now the consumer has a plan of Rs 2500 to get 50 Mbps and a plan of Rs 4500 for 1000 Mbps has been set. In these plans, you will be able to use all the internet-connected devices like TV to TV calling, Jio security. home networking and many more features.

The amount of all the plans of Jio Fiber will be mentioned, out of which some amount will be kept as your security amount which will be refundable. In Jio Fiber, customers have promised to provide a set-top box too, but no information has been established about it yet. At present, you are being given a wifi router of 2.4 GHz with a 4K set-top box.

Jio Fiber is available in your area. Whether or not you will have to find out by calling Customer Care. In addition to these plans and other types of plans are available in the plans Jio Fiber, keep reading this article further.

What Are The Benefits Of Jio Giga Fiber

Users get a lot of benefits by using the Jio Giga Fiber plan, such as 1000 Mbps high-speed internet with a wifi router of 2.4 GHz and a 4K set-top box. you will get room to room Jio Wifi connection.

Which is called JioMesh, with it also get different Wifi ID. Which is beneficial for the guest coming to the house, along with it Norton’S Mobile Security Secure All Your Mobiles (up to 5).

Apart from this, the Jio Giga Fiber Plan has all features like HD voice calling, landline, and mobile intercom calling, and international calling on low cost and you can use JioCall App for landline and mobile stability.

What Are The Benefits Of Jio Giga Fiber

Along with this, customers have got a Jio TV camera, which includes TV to TV conference calling and video calling and international calling. All this requires you to download the JioCall app on the mobile.

Apart from this, there is an option of TV Plus in Jio Fiber, so that you can watch TV shows movies, which will not let your entertainment spoil even when the weather changes. Along with this, the home networking feature is available in Jio Fiber so that you can share photos, music, videos, documents.

That to any time anywhere in the world. Security and Surveillance are also available in Jio Fiber so that you can take care of your family 24/7 through the phone. Along with this, Jio Fiber also offers gaming features. The 4K set-top box supports the gaming controller, and you can also use your phone as a gaming controller.

In Jio Fiber you get 40 GB coupons, which you can recharge which will be free of cost, which you can recharge in Zero rupees through My Jio App. Those who have a validity of 30 days. If you recharge them beforehand, they become automatically active.

or the Internet is over, you can recharge these coupons. and These coupons s are unlimited.

Jio Giga Fiber Is Prepaid Or Postpaid

Ever since Jio Fiber is launched, all its plans are prepaid, maybe postpaid plans will also be added to Jio Fiber in the coming time. But it will not be said whether it will be postpaid or not. Next.

we tell you which prepaid plans are there and they have been made with different names, in which you get different benefits. it has plans ranging from 1 month to years.

Jio Giga Fiber Latest Offer

Jio Giga Fiber Latest Offer

The first thing which is a budget plan is the prepaid combo plan of Rupees 199, earlier this plan was even added when your internet was over-usage.

But now this combo plan is of Rupees 199, now its validity is just 7 days, in which you were getting 100 GB data before, which has increased to 1000 GB when it is internet speed 100 Gbps.

And unlimited voice calling, unlimited upload, and unlimited download are available. In this, you will have to pay GST separately, then the price of this plan will be around rupees 235.

Full Details Of Jio Giga Fiber Prepaid Plans

Apart from this, plans are also available in Jio Fiber, which is added in the name of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium. We have been following the link shared below, where you will get complete information about Jio Fiber prepaid plans, upgrade plans, and welcome offer plans.

The links of these plans are given below, you can check if you want.

👉🏻Jio Fiber Prepaid Plans

This is the plans that were decided for Jio Fiber, yet it is a plan, there may be changes in the plans in the future. Because Jio Fiber will bring the best to best offers for customers.

Where To Recharge Jio Giga Fiber Online

The Recharge of Jio Giga Fiber online is very easy, you have to add Jio Giga Fiber account to MyJio App.

Then press the switch account, select your Jio Giga Fiber number, and on the screen and You can recharge by choosing your favorite offers from the plan.

You can download MyJio App for free from Android phone’s Play Store and from Apple’s App Store, and type MyJio App in the search bar.

You can also recharge Jio Giga Fiber directly from Jio Fiber’s website

Jio Giga Fiber Customer Care Number

The customer care toll-free number of Jio Giga Fiber is 1800-896-9999. this number will be used for every state In India. By calling.

You can select your language, and you can get all kinds of information by revealing the pin code of your state and number of Jio Giga Fibers.

In Summary

In the coming times, Gio Giga Fiber is going to prove to be a very advanced level of the internet.

which will bring affordable plans and offers for its customers. Work is on to further improve the service and to deliver Jio Giga fiber to all cities.

all prepaid plans of Jio Giga Fiber will also have a security amount which is refundable. they are kept only for the safety of the company.

whatever plan you select. you are given complete details of that plan by adding security amount to that plan.

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