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What Is Proxy Server? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What Are Their Uses [Full Details]



What Is Proxy Server? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What Are Their Uses [Full Details]

What Is Proxy Server? What Is Their Uses [Full Details] Complete information will be available. What are they, how do they work, how many types of proxy servers are there, free or paid? How to access them So keep reading for complete information.

We have tried to explain all the topics mentioned in this post to you through Infographics so that you can easily understand all the topics.

What Is Proxy Server With Example

What Is Proxy Server With Example

Proxy servers act as mediators between you and the Internet. Meaning you are not sending a direct request to a site, rather it is being requested through a proxy server. You need to use them when you have to hide your identity.

The proxy server changes your IP address so that your information does not reach the website creators. Websites that are not secure, so those websites do not have (SSL).

So that it is not able to secure your information Their proxy servers are used. As some websites are blocked in some countries.

With the help of proxy servers, you can open those websites by hiding your IP address. Or you can use a proxy server on the streaming movie website too.

How Do Proxy Servers Work?

The proxy server acts as a server application. A proxy server has its own IP address. When you search internet data.

So the proxy server sends your request to the internet so that it can hide your IP address at that time, and generates a new public IP address. It delivers.

So that the makers of that data do not know where the request for that data is coming from. And you can see the data you search on your computer screen. This is the work of the proxy server.

Why Do You Need A Proxy Server?

Although there are many reasons to use a proxy server. People use them according to their requirements.

We are giving below analysis of the most commonly used. The question you are looking for an answer.

You may get an answer through this post. So let’s understand briefly.

1. Work In A Secret Manner

A proxy server can be used to keep your identity confidential, as a proxy server helps to keep your IP address confidential.

As we have told you earlier, if you send a request to the Internet, then the proxy server hides your IP address to include a new IP address.

Proxy servers are used for websites that are not secure or where you want to keep your address confidential. so that your personal information is likely to be leaked.

So the proxy server can be used in these circumstances. We request you to use a proxy server.

2. Benefits Of Saving Bandwidth And Fast Speed

Through the proxy server, you can increase the bandwidth, which increases the speed of the internet.

Such as if you have a website, it gets a lot of visitors, if it is used through the proxy server then the files quickly Opens, saving bandwidth, and increases Internet speed.

Due to which you get your answer quickly, many people understand that most people use proxy servers nowadays.

So does this reduce the speed of the Internet? So from our answer, you have understood that there is no such thing at all.

3. Widely Monitored

If you own a company, then you should use a proxy server in your office, so that you can monitor your employees, that your employees are not leaking confidential data to your office, not only that.

You should also You will know which files they open from that network, which you can save internet usage, through a proxy server you can keep your data safe.

Programmed to go. If we believe, then you must also use a proxy server in your home, so that you can monitor your children, which websites they visit through the Internet. Nowadays it is necessary.

4. Provides Protection To The System

When people work in an organization, their servers can get hacked by not securing that data.

So with the help of a proxy server, you can save your data from being hacked so that your data cannot reach the third-party.

And you become secure. Apart from avoiding hackers, it also proves to be good for your system. Because it provides security between your server and deaf activity.

Because the proxy server has the power to change the IP address. Therefore we recommend you use a proxy server.

5. Access Clearance To Blocked Institutions

There are many websites in our country that are illegal to open in some countries. There may be a streaming movie website, porn movies website, or some other websites on which to say no to open.

Or those that are blocked, and you cannot open them. But they can be reopened via proxy server.

Although this is not the right thing, and does not advise you to open these baned websites. This is against the law.

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How Many Types Of Proxy Servers?

Everyone uses proxy servers as per their requirement. But still, there are some types of proxy servers. Which are used in different ways? So let’s see what proxy servers they are.

1. Forward Proxy Server

When you send a request to the forward proxy server, the proxy server accepts that request and sends it to the servers where you requested it, and the forward proxy server collects the data from there and gives it to you.

2. Open Proxy Server

You can also call an open proxy server as a forward proxy server. so that you can roam on those websites without being aware of your identity. And can hide your IP address.

An open proxy is not just this thing, it works in different ways too, so let’s understand about open proxy in detail.

  • Anonymous Proxy ServerAnonymous proxy server can hide your IP address, but the server to which you have sent the request gets information about this proxy server. It cannot be hidden.
  • Distorting Proxy Server – The Distorting proxy server does not hide its identity from the target area. But the request sent by you is converted into a random public IP address, which keeps your identity secure.
  • High Anonymity Proxy Server – This proxy server does not give its identity to the target area and neither leaks your identity, it will change its IP address every time you use it. In this way, it comes under the category of a best and safe proxy server.

3. Reverse Proxy Server

Reverse Proxy Server

The Reverse proxy server is mostly used to monitor companies and their employees. In this proxy server, when you target a specific area, then you feel that you are going to those sites directly but actually all those targets Areas operate through reverse proxy servers.

The Reverse proxy server is used to increase website speed and increase security. This proxy server can be called a monitoring proxy server.

How To Get Free Online Proxy Server

We know, there will be a question in your mind, where and how to install a proxy server. Whether it is available for free or not.

By the way, proxy servers are also paid, but we will discuss where you can get a free proxy server. We are going to tell you about 10 well-known for Google’s free proxy servers.

10 Pro-Well-Known Google Free Online Proxy Servers

1. Hidester

Hidester is Google’s free proxy server, which is very popular, there is no need to sign in or tell your identity to use it. You can use this proxy server on both computer and mobile. Hidester is secure software.

2. Hide.Me is one of the best and fastest google software that helps in keeping your identity safe, it does not allow your log to be stored, and it is Ads free.

3. server is used for normal usage such as social media. It provides security (SSL) to your system. So that you become secure. And you can browse the website of your choice.

4. Kproxy

Kproxy server works as an extension. It has a Firefox and Chrome extension. In Kproxy you get many other features, which are not available in any other free proxy.

But the paid version of this extension is also available, but we would advise you to use the free version.

5. VPN Book

The VPN Book is mostly used in Uk Us, so you can also open blocked websites. There is no need to give you your identity. And its totally is free.

6. Mega Proxy

The Mega Proxy has a separate identity by the name itself, this proxy blocks unwanted aids and cookies.

But this proxy has a limit, which means it has a limit to browsing, that you can browse only a few sites in a day. But you can not tamper with HTTPS site with mega proxy.

7. Whoer.Net proxy is available in both paid and free extensions, Whoer proxy is available in 16 countries. You can use this proxy on Chrome, Firefox, your favorite browser so that it doesn’t matter if you are on a window laptop or a MacBook.

You can access your favorite sites for free. In this, you get double VPN features in all subscriptions. Which is safe for your identity and safety. And the third party can’t find the activity on the internet. Keeps your data safe even in public WIFI networks.

8. CroxyProxy

In The CroxyProxy you get a free subscription, so you get full HD videos, remove unwanted ads, internet speed for free.

This is a safe and secure proxy, in which you can open your favorite resources such as unblock social media, videos, hosting, search engine, Gmail, youtube, etc.

9. Zend2

In The Zend2 Proxy, you can browse anonymously, which includes blocked websites such as Instagram, Facebook, BuzzFeed, etc. The IP address changes in this proxy.

And you and your data are safe. While using Zend2 proxy in the beginning, some of the enable and disable cookies and encrypted URL”s will also show, but you will have to change them all.

10. Hide My Ass

The Hide My Ass Proxy is available in both paid and free versions in this proxy allowing you to anonymously browse without giving your IP address.

Including the blocked website. You can use this proxy on any device. Your Internet activity cannot be tracked in a Hide My Ass proxy. Therefore you are safe.

We have shared these best proxies with you, you can select them according to your needs.

How To Setup Proxy Server?

Now I will show you how to set up a proxy server in your system. By the way, there are 3 types of the setup of the proxy servers on desktop.

First, we will show you how to set up a proxy server on the desktop, then will tell you how to set up a proxy server on mobile. So let’s move on.

How To Set Up Proxy Server In Desktop

1. Via Web Proxy Server

This method is straightforward and you do not have to do much in this, which we have told you above 10 free proxy servers.

You can proceed by choosing any of the proxy servers that are according to your requirement from them, whose link is also given to us within the same post.

You do not have to search on Google separately. Select your selected proxy server. Go to its URL section and enter the name of that website.

That you want to visit. Then click on the search bar. Then the proxy server is connected to your system. and your good to go. We understand through a screenshot given below.

How To Setup Proxy Server?

In this screenshot, we have explained to you through Arrow.

2. Via Chrome Browser

Using the proxy server for the Chrome browser will cause you to have settings in your Chrome browser. Let us tell you to step by step.

You come to your Chrome browser and you will see the option of 3 dots on the right side in your system, then click on it.

  • go to setting.
  • Click on the ADVANCE option.
  • then click on the System option.
  • Click on the Computer Proxy setting.
  • Press the LANE button.
  • Just Enable the LANE checkout option.
  • Now put the IP in the box of IP address.
  • Then enter the port number in the box of the port.
  • Now Press on click and apply.

Via Chrome Browser

Now the proxy server is set up in your system, now your system is ready for browsing anonymously.

3. Via Firefox Browser

Using a proxy server in Firefox is as simple as using a Chrome browser. Let us tell you to step by step.

  • First, install Firefox on your computer.
  • Then click on the 3 lines on the right side corner.
  • Go to option and click in preference.
  • Go to advanced options. and click on the Network tab.
  • Go to Connection then click on Settings.
  • Click on the manual proxy option.
  • Now enter the IP address and port number of the proxy.
  • Now enable use proxy server for all options.
  • and now save the setting.

Via firefox Browser

You can do any of these three settings on the computer according to your need.

How To Set Up A Proxy Server In Mobile?

Connecting Proxy Server to mobile is easy, you do not need to download any application. So let’s learn how to set up a proxy server on mobile.

We will tell you how to set up the proxy server in Android and I Phone / I Pad. So let’s move on.

How To Set Up Proxy Server In Android Phone

  • Connect android phone to wifi.
  • Then press and hold the connected wifi connect for 1 second.
  • Then automatically you will get 2 options.
  • First option auto-reconnect and 2nd show advanced option.
  • and enable both options.
  • Now you get 2 options. The first IP setting and 2nd option is proxy.
  • Enable the manual by clicking on the proxy option.
  • And click on the connect option.
  • Now enter the proxy hostname and port name.
  • And now click on the connect option.

And now your Android phone is ready for anonymously browsing.

How To Set Up Proxy Server In iPhone/iPad

  • Connect Wifi to your iPhone/ iPad
  • Click on the connected WiFi symbol.
  • Scroll down the phone screen.
  • And click the configure proxy option.
  • Now enable the manual option.
  • You will get 2 options Server and Port.
  • Server and port number will already be added to these options
  • Make Sure You have to change the last 1 digit of the port number.
  • You can enter 1 digit of your choice.
  • and your good to go

And now your iPhone/iPad is ready for anonymously browsing.

How To Find the IP Address In Android Phone?

In Android, the IP address is easy to find; the IP address automatically comes in iPhone but in Android

There are a lot of problems for the Beginners to find their IP address, so let’s tell you how to find an IP address on an Android phone.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down the screen.
  • Now click on the option about the device.
  • Now click on the status option.
  • You will see the IP address.

Is The Proxy Server Safe?

Well, proxy servers are not 100 percent. Websites on which you are using them by hiding your identity.

Do you know that all these can also harm you? But you will say that we are using those websites through a proxy server, then why?

When you are browsing through the proxy server, all your information is with the proxy server.

If the proxy server you have used it, if it is not able to properly configure that network then you may have a problem.

Why Proxy Server is not safe, let us understand through some topics.

1. Concealment Crime

You will know when the proxy server replaces your IP address with a new IP address, that you browse without worry, but your IP address is near the proxy server you are using.

If that proxy server is not working properly and your correct information is leaked then you can get caught in the crime of hiding your identity.

2. Spam & Virus Crime

Spam & Virus Crime

Whenever you visit an illegal website without using a proxy server, you will see pop-up messages and pop of attractive coupons, the purpose of which is to steal your identity.

Use, but you will be surprised to know that many proxy servers can also do this, which does not have the ability to prevent spam and viruses. The site you are browsing.

You may also get pop-ups of such viruses and spam on their screen. Due to which you can be accused of spamming Illegal and site.

3. Data Can Be Stolen

When you browse a server, your name, and your password and if that site is not secure then you may a problem, your sensitive information may be leaked.

Do you know that Illegal can also do this by visiting the website and using the wrong proxy server? Because no other server is known, but the proxy server has your complete information? If that proxy server is not correct then you may be in danger.

I have already told you that it is difficult to say whether proxy servers are 100 percent or not. Nobody can answer you. Whether it is safe or not. Therefore, we have tried to make you aware of all these things.

Is VPN A Proxy Server?

is VPN a proxy server?

If you talk directly, the answer is no. In a proxy server, you can browse a specific site.

But in VPN you can browse many websites and social media by selecting the country and VPN is also safe.

Watch This Video For More Detail


We have talked to the proxy server for your convenience, but it is not 100 Percent Safe. If you still want to use the proxy server.

So you have to choose the best proxy server. does not advise you to open streaming websites and open blocked websites at all.

You should use a proxy server in your office and at home. Do not take advantage of it wrongly. You should not do anything against the law.

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