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[9 Best] Chemical Free Shampoo For Hair Loss In 2021 Review



[9 Best] Chemical Free Shampoo For Hair Fall In 2020 Review

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. If not stopped, it can turn into baldness.

Therefore, we will give a review of the highly recommended [9 Best] Chemical Free Shampoo For Hair Loss In 2020 Review

And will also give some buying tips for buying the right shampoo according to your hair type.

Along with this, we will also answer your common questions. So, stay tuned in this post to know further.

What Can Cause Hair Loss?

I will not take much of your time. Let me tell you in simple words.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Inadequate hair care, frequent hair wash, poor oil usage, hair rubbing, oily scalp, dry scalp, hard water dandruff, hormone imbalance, vitamin B12 deficiency, or after pregnancy, etc.

But you have to find out. That your hair is falling out for some reason. Know ahead That shampoo.

With which you can solve your problem. We will review the best to best shampoo. Which is designed for different problems of hair.

1. Bella Vita Organic Shampoo

Bella Vita Organic Shampoo
BrandBella Vita
Dimensions 5.1 x 5.1 x 13.2 cm
ManufacturerIDAM Natural Wellness Pvt. Ltd
Item Weight260 gm
Unit(1) 225ml
Use ForMen, Women
BottleTransparent, Plastic, Travel Friendly

This is an organic shampoo of the Bella Vita brand. Which is launched in 2020. It has quite a lot of happy customers. Those who have used this product. Being organic, we recommend that you use it once.


Talk about its ingredients. So in this shampoo, you can get coffee beans, Neem extract, apple cider vinegar, bharingraj extract, Brahmi extract, almond oil, black seed oil, onion seed oil, argan seed oil, etc. This is a completely organic shampoo that will not harm your hair in any way.


This shampoo is made for all hair types. It provides moisture in the hair and locks it. Which prevents hair from breaking, dandruff ends, and makes them strong.

Keeps scalp moisturized and healthy. Maintains PH level of hair. It is also suitable for dyed hair. To see the benefits of this shampoo, you should use it for at least 4 weeks, only then you will get good results.

✅ Smooth Coffee Fragrance
✅ All Hair Type
✅ pocket Friendly
✅ 100% Organic
✅ Value For Money
❌ Not Lather Much

2. Khadi Global Onion Shampoo

Khadi Global Onion Shampoo
Dimensions15.01 x 4.5 x 3.51 cm
Manufecturerkhadi global
Item Weight191g
Unit(1) 200ml
Use ForMen, Women
BottlePlastic, Travel Friendly

This shampoo is a khadi brand. khadi brand makes herbal products. Which is very famous in India nowadays. It has a lot of happy customers. Being organic, we recommend this shampoo.


We are watching while looking at ingredients. In this khadi Red Onion Shampoo, you can find ingredients like red onion, curry leaves, caffeine, Indian Alkanet root, etc.


It is an all hair type of shampoo. Which provides anti-oxidants by preventing hair fall and protects hair. Due to which the blood flow in the hair roots is good.

Maintains the PH level of hair. Makes hair silky shine, and soft. It provides comfort with the itchy scalp. Maintains the natural moisture of the hair. You can also use this shampoo for colored hair.

To see the true benefits of this shampoo, you should use it for at least 4 weeks.

✅ Value For Money
✅ 100% Organic
✅ Light And Lavish Fragrance
✅ Mild And Gentle
✅ All Hair Type
❌ Sometimes it makes hair dry

3. VLCC Hair Fall Repair Shampoo

VLCC Hair Fall Repair Shampoo
Dimensions11.99 x 10.01 x 18.01 cm
item weight 191 gm
Use ForMen, Women
Bottleplastic, travel friendly

VLCC is a Trusted brand of India. Which is also famous in the name of his VLCC Saloon in the country. From the happy customer reviews using this shampoo.

we found out that this shampoo really works on hair fall. That is why we recommend this anti-hair fall shampoo.


Hibiscus, coconut, hydrolyzed keratin etc. are present in it.


Hibiscus and coconut nourish hair from the root. And reduces hair fall. So that the PH level of the hair remains maintained, the hair does not oily or dry much.

In addition, it gives shine and strength to the hair. Hydrolyzed keratin protects hair from pollution. For maximum benefits of Shampoo, give at least 4 weeks.

✅ 100% Organic
✅ Value For Money
✅ Mild Fragrance
✅ All Hair Type
❌. Con
❌. Not for all hair type


BrandDevice Of U
Dimensions20.2 x 5.9 x 5.4 cm
ManufacturerConor Cosmo India Pvt Ltd
Item Weight 250gm
Use ForMen, Women
BottlePlastic, Travel Friendly

This is the newly launched product of the brand is Device Of U which is Onion Shampoo. After seeing a lot of positive reviews of customers, we recommend it.

This not only prevents your hair from falling out but also makes them healthy. onion rich in anti-bacterial which has the strength to fight infection.


This onion extract shampoo is rich in natural extracts including china rosé, curry leaves, green tea, Manjistha, oatmeal, alkanet root, Neem leaves, Brahmi, aloe vera, Haritaki, coffee, etc. Which is 100% natural and chemical-free.


It leaves Shampoo Access Oil and Dirt. And imparts shine to the hair. This improves the scalp and gives them strength. Hair Fall Controller creates new hair growth.

Blood flow is good. Due to being a natural ingredient, it prevents hair from premature and makes them healthy. Removes dandruff.

✅. Pro
✅. Affordable
✅. Smooth Fragrance
✅. Plenty Of Benefits
✅ Value For Money
✅. 100% Organic
❌. Con
❌. Not for all hair types

5. Indulekha Bringha Shampoo Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair Fall

Indulekha Bringha Shampoo Ayurvedic Medicine for Hair Fall
Diemnsions 3 x 3.6 x 17 cm
Item Weight200gm
Use ForMen, Women
BottlePlastic, Travel Friendly

This Indulekha is 100% organic shampoo, which has very good reviews. And when this shampoo is used by many customers, Which Ayurvedic experts recommend.

This shampoo is perfect for hair fall problems.


If you look at the ingredients. Ayurvedic medicine has been used to make this shampoo. Which helps prevent hair fall. Such as 9 full bharigraj plant extract, 6 Herbal essential oils, Shikakai, rosemary, amla, etc. no added color and fragrance.


Which is known for its source of micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants, and vitamins. Which is helpful in reducing hair fall.

In all Ayurvedic medicine corrects blood circulation and removes dirt and pollution from hair.

Access removes oil. Makes hair shiny and thick. And maintains the PH level of the hair. This is the best product for every hair problem.

✅. Pro
✅. Affordable
✅. 100% Organic
✅. No Sulfate, No Paraben
✅. Mild
✅. No Artificial Color And Fragrance
❌ Con
❌ Must use conditioner

6. Mildy AHF Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Mildy AHF Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
BrandMildy AHF
Unit 100ml
Item Weight100gm
Use ForMen, Women
BottleTube Form, Travel Friendly

It is a brand of Mildy AHF Which was launched in September 2019. This shampoo is made for anti-hair fall treatment. Which is very much liked by the customers. It comes in the Tube form in 100 ml.


There is not much told in the Ingredients. But this is Paraben Free and Sulfate-Free Shampoo. This shampoo is recommended by dermatologists.


Paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo. Which is designed for every problem of hair fall. Which provides a nice lather. The oily scalp also eliminates the problem.

There is little use in quantity. Cleanses hair well. Reduces hair fall and gives hair strength. Which gives shine to the hair. And they are dense.

✅. Pro
✅. 100% Organic
✅. Good For Oily Scalp
✅. Value For Money
✅. Eliminate Dandruff
✅. Recommended By Dermatologist
❌ For best result use conditioner after shampoo

7. Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Dimensions17.4 x 6.8 x 6.3 cm
ManufacturerBO International
Item Weight340gm
Use ForMen, Women
BottlePlastic green color bottle, Travel Friendly

This is the Himalayan brand’s Organic shampoo. Himalayan Brand is known for its herbal products. Which makes only the products of a reasonable price. This shampoo has been used by many people and has given its revisions.


Let’s look at the ingredients involved. Ko contains organ oil. Along with this, herbal medicine has been used in Amla, Reetha, Shikakai,bharingraj, etc.

It is Sulfate-Free, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, Shampoo. No harmful chemicals have been used.


This shampoo is mild for hair. Argan oil provides hair rejuvenation. Due to which the hair gets to shine. And they look healthy. It cleans hair completely.

And balance the PH level of the scalp. Reduces hair fall, gives them strength, and makes hair thick. And it also eliminates dandruff from the scalp.

✅ Pro
✅ 100% organic
✅ Value For Money
✅ Mild Fragrance
✅ Plenty Of Benefits
❌ Hair can be dry. Must use conditioner

8. The Body Avenue Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

The Body Avenue Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

BrandThe Body Avenue
Dimensions14.9 x 4.57 x 4.06 cm
ManufacturerBO International
Item Weight220 gm
Use ForMen, Women
BottlePlastic brown color bottle, Travel Friendly

This anti-hair fall organic shampoo. Which was of the body avenue brand. Very good reviews have come to us for this shampoo. Therefore, we recommend this shampoo.


Talking about the ingredients, this shampoo is 100% organic. Which includes extracts of Onion, Green Tea, Gudhal, Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Brahmi, Aleo Vera, Essential Oils, Bharingaraj, Honey, etc.

which are Ayurvedic Medicines? It works like Ayurvedic treatment on hair fall. Sulfate, paraben is not used in this shampoo. And its manufacturing is of GMP quality. And it is an ISO certified company.


The benefits of this shampoo are countless. this is designed for every hair problem. This stops hair loss. Due to which the hair becomes strong and thick.

This shampoo nourishes hair follicles. Dandruff eliminates them from freezing. And hair makes silky shiny. Which makes it easier to manage the hair.

✅. Pro
✅. Plenty Of Benefits
✅. Value For Money
✅. Mild Fragrance
✅. Budget-Friendly
❌ Not Too Much Lather

9. Dr. Batra’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Dr. Batra's Hair Fall Control Shampoo
BrandDr. Batra
Dimensions 9.3 x 4.4 x 23.5 cm
ManufacturerDr Batra’s Positive Health care Ltd
Unit 500ml
Item Weight630gm
Use ForMen, Women
BottleWhite plastic bottle,

This shampoo is Dr. Batra’s suggested hair fall shampoo. Which is helpful in ending the hair fall problem.

This hair fall shampoo has been around for a long time. Which is the Trusted Brand.

So you must use this shampoo once. We have got very good reviews. Which is positive.


Talk about ingredients. So this shampoo includes watercress, Indian cross extracts, Thuja, capsicum extracts, etc. Which are ingredients to prevent hair fall.


This shampoo makes hair strong by preventing it from falling out. Due to which the hair becomes long and thick. It makes the hair strong by strengthening its structure.

Capsicum extracts help to create new hair growth. Apart from this, it is also helpful in eliminating dandruff in the hair.

✅. Pro
✅. 100% organic
✅. value for money
✅. mild and gentle
❌. Con
❌. Does not suit for dry scalp

How To Choose The Right Shampoo

Tips for buying shampoo is very easy. You don’t have to do much for it.

you need to know if the scalp is dry or oily. You have dandruff or itching. If you know this, then you will never find it difficult to buy the best shampoo for you. Let us know about this in detail.

Shampoo For Oily Hair

If your scalp is oily then you will have to stop applying oil for some time. And use hair fall shampoo for oily scalp.

Then see if your hair loss has decreased or not. Because the oily scalp is also a very big reason for hair fall. The oily scalp also causes itching.

For this, you can buy all hair types or 100% organic shampoo or you can use for oily scalp shampoo.

Shampoo For Dry Hair

For dry hair shampoo, you will massage with hair oil at least twice a week in the scalp and wash with the mild organic hair fall shampoo (you can use any brand).

So your dry scalp problem will be fine. And your hair fall will be less. Oiling in the scalp also gets rid of the problem of dandruff.

If you still have hair fall problem. So there may be a problem with hard water in your city. Which can cause hair fall.

Always wash your hair twice a week. Because washing hair repeatedly also makes hair dry.


Oil is always applied in the scalp in winter. Skip the oiling in Summers. Because there is humidity in Summers. And you apply oil to your hair from above. Which increases hair fall. If you have hard water. So you can fit the filter to soften the water. If you are constantly getting used to hard water for hair. So use any shampoo, the problem will never be solved.

Another Reason

If you have adopted both these remedies and have also known that hot water comes to your city or not, then even after your hair loss problem is not solved, then you must get the hormone imbalance, vitamin B12, and iron test Should be. because these deficiencies can also cause hair loss.

How To Get A Better Results After Shampoo

We have chosen only the best shampoos for you, which we have reviewed in detail, but one thing has come up during the review that for some people hair becomes dry.

You should use a hair conditioner to get the best results after shampoo. This creates a smooth layer in your hair. So that your hair does not get tangled and does not break. Nor are they dry.

If your hair is chemically treated ( such as hair smoothing, coloring) So that the hair is not smooth or freezes. So you can use the Hair Masque according to your hair type.

Which are applied from the root of the hair to the end. Let it remain for 20 to 25 minutes. After that wash the hair with shampoo. It makes your hair smooth.

Not washing hair properly also causes hair to fall. Let’s know through this video.

Check Out This Video For More Information

This video has been added to show your best hair washing technique. The purpose of the product used in this video is to make you understand the procedure.

FAQ’S About Hair Fall

1. What should we eat to reduce hair fall immediately?

If you want If the hair fall will stop in a day, then it does not happen, it takes time for that you should add Green Leaf Vegetables, Currys, Dry Fruits, seasonal Fruits, Water, and a dairy product to your routine. After some time you will see the difference. That your hair fall has reduced. do not forget to do the best hair cleaning techniques.

2. Which oil is the best for hair?

For hair, you can make homemade onion oil, amla oil, curry leaves Oils. Which will be pure and without preservatives. Which is the best? If you want to purchase from the market. Coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. are the best. You do not need any other expensive branded oil. If you want to know how to make homemade hair oil, you will find a lot of videos on

3. How can i stope my hair loss?

Like I have said before. You have to wait for some time. And adopt a good diet and hair care routine. But if there is too much hair loss. Then you should go to a dermatologist. So that you can know the main reason of hair loss.

4. Which shampoo is best for hair?

Whether or not there is a hair problem. You should always use mild shampoo. Brands you can pick from your choice. Which is according to your hair type. But it should not contain sulfate and paraben or any other harmful chemical.

5. How often should hair be washed?

There is no hard and fast rule for washing hair. If you have oily hair then you can wash hair in 2 or 3 days. If dry. So wash the hair after oiling. And make sure to apply the conditioner. Which will not cause dryness.

I hope that I have cleared all your doubts. If you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends and family, and forget to rate this post.


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