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Causes Of Lack Of Sleep, Effects, And Treatment In Adults



Causes Of Lack Of Sleep, Effects, And Treatment In Adults


Today we will talk about the (Causes Of Lack Of Sleep, Effects, And Treatment In Adults) Good sleep is very important for better health.

And if there is a lack of sleep in our life, then we cannot even imagine better health.

So today, through this post, we will tell you about the Causes Of Lack Of Sleep, Symptoms, And Treatment In Adults in very easy words.

So let’s not take much of your time, we move forward in this article for (Causes Of Lack Of Sleep, Effects, And Treatment In Adults)

How Much Sleep Must A Person Have?

How Much Sleep Must A Person Have?

The exact amount of sleep varies from person to person. But we can say that the right sleep will make you fresh in the morning. So that you have the ability to do your work all day.

You can get your work done with concentration. An adult who is 18 years of age or older is required to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours.

But it is not necessary that some people complete their sleep even after sleeping for 5 to 6 hours. Which falls under the category of quality sleep.

But if you are sleeping for 7 to 8 hours, but you are not getting quality sleep. So it falls under the category of Lack of Sleep.

By now you must have known how you are sleeping.

Why Lack Of Insomnia

There can be many reasons for not sleeping. This can be from your personal life to your food. And the lack of sleep can have different reasons for every person. Lack of sleep, also known as insomnia.

Why Lack Of Insomnia

There are different reasons for youth. Different reasons for the elderly, different reasons for a pregnant woman, etc.

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What Can Be The Causes Of Lack Of Sleep

As we told you earlier, there can be many symptoms of loss of sleep. We will cover the topics that mostly cause sleeplessness.

1. Anxiety Or Stress

Difficulty in sleeping means that you have any type of anxiety that you have a student ahead of you, then you may be worried about your career, if you are an adult, you may have a breakup from a loved one.

Children’s future may be worried. Due to which it gradually turns into tension. And when we are not doing anything or lying on the bed, this tension engulfs us, and sleep becomes almost impossible.

2. Prescription Drug

If you are taking allergies, anti depressions, medicines for weight loss and weight gain, and any pain medications. Which is a heavy dose of medicine, it can also be a reason. Which interrupts your sleeping pattern.

3. Chronic Illness

Chronic diseases like asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, heart disease, etc. also disrupt sleep. Because all these diseases hurt more than day and night. Because of which you are prescribed heavy medicine. Which can cause difficulty in sleep.

4. Use Mobile Devices

The use of mobile, laptop usage till late night also hinders sleep. Do not use mobile devices 1 hour before bed for better sleep.

5. Eat Heavy Food At Night

Heavy eating at night also causes sleepiness. Which can cause your sleep to be interrupted. It can also be a sign of indigestion. Heavy stomach causes difficulty in falling asleep.

6. Use Caffeine and Alcohol

Taking coffee throughout the day and using excessive amounts of alcohol may also prove harmful to sleep. Which hinders your comfort sleep. You can sleep once with the consumption of alcohol.

But after getting intoxicated, you will be able to sleep in the middle of the night, which will give you trouble sleeping again. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake for sound sleep.

7. Sleep Disorders

In sleep disorders, you are a victim of sleep apnea, which can be a dangerous disease. If you snore, you have difficulty breathing. Apart from this, there may be problems like high BP and heart attack. And somewhere, it also indicates the stress. So always create a calm environment before bedtime that will help you sleep better.

These are some of the reasons that mostly interfere with your sleep. Is this the reason why you do not sleep? if yes? So you should pay attention to that reason and try to correct it.

Apart from this, there can be more risk factors, which reduces your sleep.

1. Woman During Periods

Stomach ache, cramps, and uneasyness during periods can also cause sleep interruptions. Because during periods there are hormonal changes in the body of the woman, which hinders good sleep. In addition, the tension of staining on the bed can also cause sleep disturbance.

2. Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman has hormonal changes in her body. So that they feel like eating something at any given time, they are often seen eating late-night snacks. Which causes obstruction of sound sleep. In addition, stress, mood swings, also cause sleep interruptions. which is common.

3. Menopause

Night sweats and hot flashes also cause sleep interruptions during menopause. Which is common among women. Over time, sleep problems also begin to recover.

4. Adults Over 60 Plus

Man or woman, as age increases, so sleep also starts decreasing. Apart from this, due to many health problems, they have to take medicines daily, which is common.

5. Changing Work Schedule

If your work has changed. You do it at night instead of day. Or if you are traveling at night, it is also a normal reason that you are not able to sleep well.

How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect You?

What Can Be The Effects Of Lack Of Sleep On Our Lives?
  • Not sleeping well at night causes an accident. So if you are driving a vehicle, and if you feel like sleeping, then an accident can happen. Which can also cause your death.
  • Lack of sleep reduces our sex drive so that you feel tired all day. Due to less sleep, the level of hormones called testosterone in men decreases, due to which the interest in sex decreases.
  • Getting less sleep reduces your ability to think and understand. If you sleep well at night, then your brain works properly. You remember everything you learn or read. And there is also interest in work.
  • Often there is a complaint of weight gain among the youth. If you do not sleep well at night, this reason can also increase your weight. Because not sleeping on time and not eating on time can also be the reason for weight gain.
  • Not sleeping at the right time and not sleeping properly can make you look older than you are. Because sleeping less and lack of good sleep gives you puffy eyes, dark circles under eyes for free. And your skin ends the natural glow.
  • Lack of good sleep does not make you hungry properly. Due to which you are unable to eat anything throughout the day, and being hungry for a long time can increase the problem of acidity. Which is the main reason for your increasing weight.
  • Lack of good sleep can give you big sickness ahead. Such as heart-related problems, diabetes, high BP, etc. So don’t take this problem lightly.

How Can I Cure My Lack Of Sleep?

How To Treat Insomnia

You can treat Insomnia yourself. If your problem is worsening your sleep.

  • You must keep some activity in your daily routine. Do walking yoga etc. This will help you get a sound sleep.
  • Do not consume too much caffeine in your daily routine, till a black coffee in the morning is fine. Caffeine increases wakefulness. Which can disturb your sound sleep.
  • Avoid taking nap during the day. Take it only if you feel very tired. Otherwise, avoid it.
  • Keep your alcohol intake low, alcohol can only increase your problems, you cannot solve it. Drinking alcohol will disturb your sound sleep
  • Keep food light at night, and avoid junk food late at night. Abdominal heaviness can also give you insomnia.
  • Turn off the mobile laptop screen 1 hour before night. Their harmless UV lights spoil your sleep. Nowadays, they are contributing a lot in insomnia.
  • Try to sleep early. And by going to Bed you can read the book, or listen to light music, it helps in improving your sleep.
  • Put dark collar curtains in your bedroom. Which makes the atmosphere worth sleeping. Which will help in getting good sleep.

Next, we will talk about Yoga (causes to lack of sleep, effects, and treatment in adults).

How To Cure Insomnia With Yoga Asanas

How To Cure Insomnia With Yoga Asanas

Well, ( Causes of Lack of Sleep, Effects, and Treatment in Adults)

we can understand how eager you are to cure your insomnia. We will tell you the poses of Yoga Asanas very easily. Which you can do in your home comfort.

1 Crop Yoga Poss

In this yoga easy, you take your back directly. And leave the body cold, and fill your nose with a long breath.

And leave it in the mouth as if all the stress has been taken out through your mouth.

2. Child Yoga Poss

In child yoga pass, you should sit on your knees and lie both hands forward on the ground, both hands should be as wide as the shoulders.

And then put your forehead on the ground, leaving the body cold. And keep breathing normally. As much as possible, stay in this posture

3. Standing Forward Bend Poss

Stand up straight. Leave the body cold. Breathing out, move both your hands upwards, and while exhaling, try to touch the toe by bringing both the hands down while bending the front.

As much as possible, stay in this posture. if you are unable to do it in the initial days, then it will be better than practice results will be better.

4. Plow Poss

Lie straight on your back. Then, while breathing, bring both feet above the head and touch the knees on the forehead and touch the ground behind the head.

The possibility is as if your toes are touching the ground. Keep breathing normally. Stay in this position as much as possible. There may be some problems in the beginning but do not be afraid.

5. Reclining Butterfly Poss

Lie straight. Keep breathing normally, and then bring both legs to the front and connect them together and open the legs from between the knees. It should be like you are a butterfly. Keep breathing normally, stay as close as possible.

Do not keep the body tight while doing yoga. And do not let any body part jerk. You can do a posture 2 or 3 times. In yoga asanas, attention is paid to breathing and exhaling. If you are not feeling comfortable, then slowly come out of the pedestal.

Watch This Video For More Details


A good sleep is very important in life. With this, you can do your work all day at the right time and in the right way.

If you also have a problem of lack of sleep, then do meditations and if you need some change in your lifestyle then definitely do.

If your insomnia is still not healing. So consult a doctor. Do not take any medicines etc. without the doctor’s advice. This may put you at risk.

Thank you very much for reading Causes of Lack of Sleep, Effects, and Treatment in Adults here.


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