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How To Increase Blood Platelet Count Naturally & Fast At Home



How To Increase Blood Platelet Count Naturally & Fast At Home

Platelets are called blood cells in our body. Which prevents blood from flowing in our body. (Meaning by flowing) if we get any wound. Prevents the bleeding of that wound.

Prevents menstrual access to bleeding in women. So today we will talk about How To Increase Blood Platelet Count Naturally & Fast At Home.

Through this post, we will explain to you in easy words. Due to reduced platelets, symptoms, and how to increase platelets fast.

What Are Platelets?

Platelets are a part of the blood in our bodies. Which includes red blood cells and plasma. As we introduced. Platelets work to prevent bleeding in our bodies. Platelets are also called thrombocytes.

What Are Platelets?

These platelets must be in the correct number. Even if it becomes too much, the body will be surrounded by diseases.

Platelets can be known through the CBC Report (Complete Blood Count) test. The exact number of platelets in a child and an adult varies.

The correct number of platelets in a child must be 1.5–3.5 lakhs /cumm, And the correct number in an adult must be 140000-440000 /cmm.

We have told this number after looking at a child’s CBC report and an adult’s CBC report. If you want to know the exact number of platelets count of your body then we suggest. That you get your body platelets counted.

Due To Low Platelets Count

Low platelets in the body are also called thrombocytopenia. A decrease in platelets can also be caused by dengue fever. But this is not necessary. There is more reason for platelets to fall. Such as viral infections are chickenpox, smallpox.

Which is caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). In addition, there are scarlet fever, typhoid, purpura, Gaucher’s disease, tuberculosis, pregnant woman, Excessive alcohol consumption, etc.

These are some diseases. Due to which the amount of platelets is reduced. Apart from this, the lack of some vitamins can also reduce the number of plates. Such as vitamin B12, A, C, D, K, iron, folic acid, etc.

Symptoms Of Low Platelets Count

Some such symptoms. With which you can find out. Is there a shortage of platelets in your body? Due to this, red, brown, and purple-colored spots can appear on your body.

Long-term bleeding on wounds, excessive menstrual bleeding, bleeding from the nose, bleeding from the gums, bleeding in the rectum and urine, blood vomiting, anemia, liver disease, chemotherapy drugs, etc. Can be symptoms.

How To Increase Platelets Naturally And Fast At Home

You can increase the number of platelets in the habit by 24 hours by adopting some Ayurvedic juices in your daily routine.

  • Giloy juice
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Pomegranate

1. Giloy Juice (Tinospora Cordifolia)

It is an Ayurvedic medicine also known as Amrit in India. Giloy is rich in antioxidants that have the strength to fight against many types of viruses.

How To Increase Platelets Naturally And Fast At Home

Due to which the metabolism of the body also increases. In the morning empty stomach and before bedtime, drinking 30ml of Giloy juice can increase the number of platelets by 10, 20 thousand in 24 hours.

If you use it for 1 week, then this count increases to 100000. you can buy Giloy juice online.

2. Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice has the strength to fight the Virus. This plant cures many diseases. In the morning on an empty stomach, and after dinner, 30ml mixed with 100ml of water.

How To Increase Platelets Naturally And Fast At Home

The amount of platelets in 24 hours increases from 10 to 20 thousand. And using it for 1 week can increase platelets up to 100000. you can buy aloe vera juice online.

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranate can also increase the number of platelets. Eating 50 gm pomegranate in breakfast in the morning can increase the number of platelets. It is also helpful in reducing cramps during menstruation.

How To Increase Platelets Naturally And Fast At Home

Pomegranate also reduces the iron deficiency caused by frequent bleeding in menstruation.

Apart from this, you should eat vitamin B12, A, C, D, K, folic acid, and iron-rich foods in your daily diet. Which will increase the platelet count of your body.

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Vitamin B12 rich foods like

milk, eggs, cheese, curd , cottage cheese, etc.

Vitamin A rich foods like

carrot, kale, pumpkin, sweet potato, etc.

Vitamin C rich food like

mango, kiwi, lemon, Amla (goosberry), pineapple, bell pepper,

Vitamin D rich food like

egg yolk, fortified milk, fish etc.

Vitamin K rich food like

green leafy vegetables, cabbage, raisin, liver, meat, etc.

Folic Acid rich foos like

oranges, lemon, green leafy vegetables, spinach, etc.

Iron rich food like

Pomegranate, spinach, pumpkin seeds, lentils, etc.

The Conclusion

If you show these symptoms in your body. So you must get your plates to count checked before taking any medicine. Only then do you take any medicine. The Ayurvedic medicine we have given you. You can still do things. If there is no lack of platelet counts in your body. It will also protect you from normal viral fever like weather changes. It helps to increase your body’s metabolism. And you won’t get sick quickly. But remember Excess consumption of everything also turns out to be bad. Keep normal quantity over time.

We hope you have got complete information about platelets through this post.


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