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Plants Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]



Plants Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]

Why Should We Include Protein Powder In Our Diet?

What are protein powders? And why should we take them? Everyone is advising us to take protein powders. Even in TV AIDS, the instructors are also stressing more on protein powders, whereas protein can also be obtained from food.

Do we really get the complete protein from the food? it is not an answer, because there are many other elements in the food along with the protein that our body does not need.

plant based protein, why should we include protein powder in our diet

Food also contains carbohydrates fats sugar which we do not need. But when making protein powder, the food is processed from which the sugar fat carbohydrates are removed and only the protein That is left, protein powder is made from it, we do not get complete protein in the food we eat throughout the day, no matter how much we make our lifestyle healthy.

How much we include healthy food in our diet, but somewhere There is definitely a shortage, that’s why protein powder is recommended. protein powders are 2 types first one is plant-based protein powders and another one is whey protein powders.

Although both are good for our health some people will complain about which one is best for our body. We will tell you which of the two proteins is good and which one should be taken and which should not be taken.

Plants Based Protein Vs Whey Protein

Plants – Based Protein Powders

Plant-based protein powders are made from nuts, seeds, brown rice, lentils, peas, etc. Because these foods include protein as well as carbohydrates, sugar, and fats, which our body does not need. Therefore, all these types of food are processed, from which carbohydrate fat sugar and fiber are removed. and the protein that is left is made from it, which is made more beneficial for our health.

And while making it, extra amino acids are added to it to make it a complete protein and amino acid source. In Non-vegetarian diet contains a lot of amino acid protein and vitamins and minerals such as chicken, beef, eggs, fish, it becomes a complete amino acids source. AND AMINO ACID IS BUILDING BLOCKS OF PROTEIN AND PROTEIN IS BUILDING BLOCKS OF MUSCLES.

But People who are vegetarians do not get the right amount of protein, amino acids from their food, so those people also need to take protein powder. That is why we are advised to consume protein powder to our diet gives us enough amounts of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in our body. Plant-based protein does not allow insulin to spike, so its digestive is slow, you can take this protein at any time of the day.

Things To Follow While Purchasing

Things To Follow While Purchasing

Bioavailability of protein should be high, fat, carbs, fiber should be low. The best thing about plants based protein is that cholesterol has zero percent. is no particular brand.

You can take any brand. Different types of plant-based proteins are also available in the market such as soy, brown rice, hemp, peas, etc., but you have to take at least 3 kinds of food plant-based protein so that you get all the amino acids in plenty.

Keep in mind that you do not have to take soy protein, or the protein you are buying should contain at least the amount of soy. It is not very good in taste but it is not so bad that you cannot use it, slowly you will get used to its taste.

There are some of my favorite brands whose links are given below; if you want, you can buy from there.

Plants – Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]
Plant-Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]
Plant-Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]

Which One Should Take Plant-Based Protein

People who are vegetarian do not consume amino acids in full quantity, so this is a good option for them, you should not give this powder to children at all. It can only be used by adults who have problems with lactose. , Lactose found in milk, or dairy products which cannot digest, they can take plant-based protein.

Whey Protein Powders

Whey protein is made from milk, and lactose casein is found in milk, for this reason, many people are not able to digest but when making protein, lactose and casein almost all are eliminated from the milk, and many such whey Proteins are of which their quantity is not reduced, so you will get them at low prices in the market.

Whey protein digestion is fast compared to plant-based protein with whey protein increases the glucose level in the blood, which gives us instant energy, our glucose level decreases when we exercise, and we need quick digestion, then when we add the protein, it makes glucose in our body.

Increases the level and helps us in recovery, But there are three types of protein that are available at different prices in the market, which one is good for us and which one to buy, we will tell you.

[3 Top Best] Whey Protein Powders

1. Whey Concentrate Protein Powder

Whey concentrate powder is not processed much, it contains more amount of fat, carb, and sugar, compared to other protein powders. While our body does not need these things, In this, along with protein, you are getting more fat, carbs, sugar, but the amount of protein is getting less, lactose and casein is found in this protein powder, you will get it at a lower price in the market. If you take whey protein after a workout, it would be better because its digestion is good.

2. Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Isolate protein powders are processed more than concentrate, so it reduces the amount of sugar, fat, carbs, which is the best protein powder for those who are able to digest lactose, which is the natural sugar of milk. It is called lactose, so it is costlier than concentrate protein, for the purpose if the price of concentrate is Rs. 2,300 then the price of concentrate is Rs. It will be 3,300, you can call it a high-quality protein, in this you get a good amount of amino acid and 80 to 85% protein. this a good ratio.

3. Whey Hydrolyzed Protein Powder

Whey hydrolyzed protein powder is double processed, from which the quantity of sugar, fat, and carbs is almost removed, only protein is left in it, and protein is also provided to our body with amino acids, and this is what our body needs.

They are mostly used by bodybuilders, models, etc. so they are expensive and its price doubles from an isolate. We are giving this example, but it depends on the brand that You’re taking.

Things To Follow While Purchasing

Whenever you buy protein powder, it should have a high amount of protein, and fat, sugar, carbs should be low, take any brand, you have to do it, it tastes better than plant-based protein, it has many flavors. Come.

If I look at my experience, the best of these three is the whey isolate, which has a good amount of protein, you will get at least 80 to 85% protein in 30 gm 1 scoop, this is a very good ratio. You should not waste your money at all concentrate.

If you want, you can take concentrated protein, but it depends on your budget. it is better that you try to get protein from the food because you are getting everything that you get from the food.

There are some of my favorite brands whose links are given below; if you want, you can buy from there.

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavoured – 1Kg

Plant-Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]

my protein impact whey isolate protein-rich chocolate brownie

Plant-Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder – 2 lbs, 907 g (Double Rich Chocolate)

Plant-Based Protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]

PROCEL® PRO-HYDRO® Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate Powder with Hydrolyzed Micellar Casein 2kg (Dark Chocolate)

plant-based protein Vs Whey Protein [Check Out]


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