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[Top 10] Vitamin D Rich Foods For Vegetarians And Their Symptoms ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )



[Top 10] Vitamin D Rich Foods For Vegetarians And Their Symptoms


Today we will talk [Top 10] Vitamin D Rich Foods For Vegetarians And Their Symptoms. Vegetarian people are mostly deficient in vitamin D, whereas non-vegetarians are less prone to it, as non-vegetarian food such as fish, poultry, seafood, etc. gets a lot of vitamin D. But here we are telling vegetarian food for vegetarian people. By eating it you can complete vitamin D deficiency.

Although we get a good amount of vitamin D from the sun, there are many cities in our country where there is no good amount of sun or people are so busy with their lifestyles that they do not get sunlight due to this, our body also Vitamin D deficiency occurs in. If you do not have much time, you can follow this rule,

if you want to complete vitamin D deficiency from your body quickly, then you must sit in the sun and should not have sunscreen. You should spend 5 minutes on your stomach and 5 Minute soak your back, the time to sit in the sun should be from 11m to 2 pm, you can do this two or three times a week, these are the only two parts of the body that are vitamin D in your body. Can fill the gap quickly.

the point is that now sunlight does not set, so how to get vitamin D from our food so that we do not have to go to the doctor and we can eat Vitamin D deficiency in our body by eating well at home.

Now it comes to know that we are deficient in vitamin D in our body, either we go to the doctor to get our test done or some such symptoms can appear in our day-to-day lifestyle which we can detect. That our body is deficient in vitamin D. If you have a high amount of vitamin D deficiency in your body, the doctor will suggest you eat supplements. If there is not much deficiency of vitamin D in your body, only small amounts are visible, then you can complete it by eating it.

Symptoms Of vitamin D Deficiency

  • You will see that you are getting sick very often and if you get well by taking medicines, then after a short time you start falling ill again.
  • You will feel tired throughout the day, no matter how well you sleep at night, but you will always sleep throughout the day.
  • You will work a little bit but you feel like you have done a lot of work.
  • You will feel pain in your bones, And you will feel pain in your joints.
  • It can cause diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, infection disease, etc.
  • Vitamin D deficiency has also been seen in hair loss.

These symptoms that I tell you are mostly seen in every person who is deficient in Vitamin D.

1. Mushrooms

  • Mushrooms White ( 100 gm)
  • Vitamin D – 7 IU
  • Calories 22

mushrooms have a good amount of vitamin D, You must include mushrooms in your diet. You can eat it by cooking vegetables or you can mix vegetables with other vegetables. This is the best option for vegetables for vegetarians. There are 6 types of mushrooms such as white, oyster, chanterelle, morel, maitake, portabello mushrooms.

all are high in vitamin D. When you bring the mushrooms home, keep them in the sun for 1 hour, then after washing you can use it in any of your dishes, this makes their nutrition level high. Mushrooms are very essential for your bones and joints, it gives us approximately 20 percent amount of vitamin D in a day.

It does not contain fat and also contains Fewer calories, so it is helpful in reducing your weight along with vitamin D, It is also helpful in reducing your hair fall, after listening to all the benefits of eating mushrooms, you will definitely include mushrooms in your diet.

2. Cow’s Milk (Low Fat)

  • Cow’s Milk (1 liter)
  • Vitamin D 40 IU
  • Fat – 3 To 4 percent.
  • cow milk varies depending on the breed. 

If you are deficient in vitamin D, then you must include cow’s milk in your diet from today, it contains less amount of fat so that you will not have any tension of calories, it also contains calcium as well as calcium. It is plentiful, as we have already told you, Vitamin D only gives the strength to absorb calcium in your body, so you must check your vitamin D first.

It gives you instant energy, so if you have gone longer then drinking milk gives you instant energy. Due to having vitamin D, it gives strength to your bones, being a protein, it enhances your lean muscle mass, every In this way, milk of a cow is beneficial for our body, so you must include it in your diet.

And it does not depend on the breed of which breed of milk you should drink, all the breeds are good, it also contains less amount of lactose so that you do not have any discomfort in digesting the milk. If you take milk in the morning breakfast, it is better because in the morning our body absorbs protein quickly, and in the morning our body needs immediate energy which we can get a lot from milk.

3. Soy Products

 Soy Products

Soya products contain a good amount of vitamin D such as soy milk, soya chunks, tofu, etc. Tofu will be a new name for you, but nowadays it has become very popular. Soya products are also low fat.

soy product is a great source of phytoestrogen, a compound that helps in your body absorb more calcium more efficiently. It increases your bone strength. In providing vitamin D, it also contains an appropriate amount of fiber, so that your constipation is eliminated.

Soy milk will also provide you all the nutrition that normal milk provides. This is a good option for diabetic patients, it does not allow sugar level in the blood to increase. By the way, there are many other benefits of soy. but we are talking about vitamin D here, so we can give you this much information.

4. Yogurt (Low Fat)

Yogurt comes in a fermented food which, Yogurt is good bacterial food that increases the good bacteria in our stomach and eliminates bad bacteria, if you want more benefits then eat it on an empty stomach. It eliminates a lot of diseases in your stomach along with our bonus, is very beneficial for the stomach,

Yogurt (Low Fat)

it is also a product of milk, due to its diet, your vitamin D slowly starts to increase. , It protects from the heat of your body, this market also comes in many forms like Greek yogurt, low fat, and full fat. You should always switch to plain low fat or Greek yogurt so that you get more and more benefits, not fat.

You can have it for breakfast or lunch, it also contains a good amount of protein, which is good for your bones and joints, which is a good option for vegetarians.

5. Cheese ( Low Fat)

  1. Cheese cheddar (100 gm) Vitamin D 24 IU (Fat 33 gm)
  2. Goat Cheese (100gm) Vitamin D 22 IU (Fat 30gm)
  3. parmesan (100gm) Vitamin D 21 IU (Fat 29gm)
  4. mozzarella (100gm) Vitamin D 16 IU (Fat 17gm)
  5. Gouda (100gm) vitamin D 20 IU (Fat 27gm)
  6. American Cheese Vitamin D 259 IU (Fat 32 gm)

Whenever the name of the cheese comes, everyone is scared of its name, that it is unhealthy, but it is not so if you eat it properly, you can get a lot of benefits from it. It contains a good amount of vitamin D, which is beneficial for our bones and joints.

Cheese ( Low Fat)

you can eat this sandwich in a healthy way, but remember that it should not be cooked at high heat, otherwise its nutrients get destroyed. There are many other benefits of cheese, but here we are talking about vitamin D. It contains a high amount of fat, so use it sparingly.

6. Cottage Cheese ( Paneer Low Fat)

  • Cottage Cheese Creamed (100gm)
  • Vitamin D 3 IU
  • Fat 4.3 gm
Cottage Cheese ( Paneer Low Fat)

Cottage cheese has more than 1 qualities, such as full fat, low fat, creamed cheese, etc., it is very nutritious, it also contains protein and calcium along with vitamin D, which for our muscle mass, bonus joints It is beneficial, if you want to get more benefits then you should eat it raw.

Do not cook it with fry or high-fat gravies, it is a good source of vitamin D, which is good for vegetarian people. You can eat cheese by putting it in salads, soups, etc., it will give you energy.

7. Almond Milk

  • milk fat 2.28 gm
  • calories 39

Almond milk is counted in a plant-based protein, which contains protein, vitamin D, calcium, and fats as needed, which is very useful for our bonuses and joints.

Almond Milk

It is low in fat. It is a good option for those who do not digest lactose, lactose is milk sugar found in dairy milk. If you take it after the workout then you will get energy immediately.

which will help you in recovery as it is a good combination of protein, carbs, and fat.

If you do not digest lactose, you can switch to almond milk, and most definitely add it to your diet.

8. Fortified Cereals

Fortified Cereals

In the morning breakfast, you can take oats, cereals such as granola, muesli, corn flax, etc. Besides being healthy, you also get Vitamin D in a good amount,

you must check its nutritional value before buying them. In this, you get a good ratio of protein, fats, and complex carbs. you must include your daily diet.

9. Orange Juice (Without Sugar, Salt)

Orange Juice (Without Sugar, Salt)

Fruits have more vitamin D in orange juice. You get a good amount of vitamin D in 1 glass of juice.

If you want more benefits, then do not add salt and sugar to it, you can take it for breakfast.

It also detoxes your body, citric fruits are considered very good for the kidneys, it also contains a good amount of iron.

10. Egg Yolks

  • egg yolks ( 100 gm)
  • Vitamin D 218 IU
  • Fat 27g
Egg Yolks

Many people eat the white part of the egg but leave the yellow part, it is considered a sign of unhealthy, the yellow part of eggs contains good cholesterol.

which is considered very good for our heart, it contains many There is a good amount of vitamin which gives our body energy to work throughout the day, it is very important for our bonuses and joints.

it contains calcium, iron, folic acid, growth. Vitamin B6 vitamin B12 etc. are found, so you must include egg yolks in your diet.


Different effects of vitamin D can be seen on everyone, you should not get confused, consult your doctor first, if they tell you, only then use any supplements, do not eat any supplements on your own, it’s Can also have side effects.


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