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[9 Best] Affordable Cloth Steamer For Home Review In [2021]



[9 Best] Affordable Cloth Steamer For Home Review In [2020]

Today we will talk [9 Best] Affordable Cloth Steamer For Home Review In [2020] Which Irons Clothes Quickly, Saves Your Time. Which is very different from your traditional iron.

You can also use them as a facial steamer. We have shortlisted some of the best cloth steamers. Which is handy as well as being affordable. You can store them easily. And can fulfill their needs from the smallest to the biggest.

We will tell you through this post, how they can be used. What are its pros and cons? Full details will be given about it. So let’s see which cloth steamer is that. Which you can use at home.

Best Sellers in Electronics

1. Rossmann Handheld Garment Steamer

Rossmann Handheld Garment Steamer

Model NumberBG540 Magic pro
Dimensions32.6 x 18 x 13.6 cm
Item Weight 1kg 360gm
Cord Length1.5 meter
Includes1 Handheld Steamer, 1 Insulated Glove, 1 Fabric Brush, 1 Instruction Manual
Warranty1 year

This is the Rossmann brand’s Magic Pro cloth steamer which is 1500 watts. With this cloth steamer, you are being given 2 in 1 fabric and lint brush. So that you can get a professional finish in your home comfort.

This cloth steamer can be used on all types of clothes. Such as polyester, linen, wool, velvet, cotton, silk, delicate, dupatta, etc. You do not need an iron board to use a cloth steamer. You can also take it for travel.

This cloth steamer uses unique leak-proof technology. The electric pump of this steamer prevents water from spilling. With the help of this steamer, you can also steam the clothes by hanging or lying them. It’s one/off the main button, has been given, with one press you can start steaming clothes.

This steamer is certified by North America Safety Standard’s Electric Testing Laboratories Safety guidelines have been fully taken care of while designing this steamer. So that no accident happens to you. The automatic shutdown system activates in this steamer. When the steamer overheats. Or there is less water in it.

This portable steamer is fitted with ceramic soles plates that take 25 seconds to fully heat. And with 30 gm of continuous steam, the grip gets the wrinkles and makes them fresh, and gives them a neat and clean look.

In this steamer, a 300ml water tank is available, in which only RO water or distilled water can be used. If there is hard water in your city, please do not use it in it, due to this, this steamer can increase the chances of damage.

Always use RO water or distilled water in a garment steamer.

✅. Pro
✅. Easy To Use
✅ Affordable
✅ Lightweight
✅ No Burning Of Clothes
✅ All Type Of Clothes
✅ Save Time
✅ Large Water Tank
❌. Con
❌ Water may leak if there is too much water in the tank

2. Inalsa Garment Steamer 

Inalsa Garment Steamer

Manufacturer Tuareg Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Dimensions19 x 11 x 27.51 cm
Model NumberHandy Steamer
Item Weight700gm
Cord Lenth190cms
IncludesSteamer, Brush, Instruction manual, Warranty card
Warranty2 Years

It is a handheld steamer of the Inalsa brand which is 600 watts. Which comes with a detachable fabric brush. Which you can use on various garments. This steamer has a large size steam nozzle fitted.

Due to its large size, it steams clothes quickly and saves you time. it comes with an easy locking system. this Inalsa handheld steamer is compact, lightweight, and travels friendly.

Efficiently removes wrinkles. This steamer is known to have only heat technology quail performance. Which gives the perfect result to your clothes so that you can get a professorial finish at your home comfort. You can steam by hanging or lying on clothes.

The power supply is AC 230 V. And it takes less than 1 minute to go to the ground. This garment steamer releases powerful steam in 15g / min. Which is helpful in removing the stubborn crease of the clothes. And gives clothes a quick fresh and new look.

It is given an indicator in the steamer. Which indicates when power is on. Its water tank is 120ml. Which can be filled with water easily.

Dry boiling process technology has been used to make this steamer. Which prevents it from being overheated. When it has run out of the water, or when the water comes out while using it. Its elements are automatically turned off.

Always use RO water or distilled water in a garment steamer.

✅. Pro
✅. Lightweight
✅. Travel Friendly
✅. Value For Money
✅. No burning of clothes
✅. Save Time
❌ Short Cord Lenth
❌ Water may leak if there is too much water in the tank

3. Rossmann Garment Steamer 

Rossmann Garment Steamer

dimensions30.48 x 30.48 x 182.88 cm;
item weight4kg 700gm
Steam Pipe Length1.7M
voltage220V 60 Hz
includes1 Garment Steamer, 1 Insulated Hand Glove, 1 Pleat Maker, 1 Brush, 1 Hanger, 1 Instruction manual

It is a 1650 watt Garment Steamer by Rossmann Brand. which is very easy to use. Its water tank capacity is 1.6 L. This provides continuous steam for up to 70 minutes. Whose steamer Temperature is 269 ° F.

Virtually high-temperature technology was used to make this garment steamer. Which gives the clothes a fresh and clean look by steaming them to a double layer. Its high temperature works up to 100% 269 ely. This steamer can steam all kinds of clothes, it also has a noob according to the fabric. With which you can select the Desire temperature.

You can use this steamer steam vertically and horizontally. With the help of the fabric brush that comes with this steamer, you can deepen the clothes with sanitizers. And thick clothes can also be easily steamed. And with the pleat maker that comes with it, you can make a pleat in any kind of clothes professionally.

It has an adjustable stainless steel telescopic rod in the steamer. With which you can adjust according to the height of clothes. In addition, this steamer has a 360-degree rotating hanger. So that you can iron clothes in any position.

With this steamer, 1.5 long steaming tubes are being provided. So that you can iron clothes without any hassle and without bending. Adjust the road height by filling water in the tank before use, and lock it. Then you can iron the cloth by hanging it on the hanger.

Always keep in mind one thing. That when you are doing iron, do not let the steaming tube bend. There may be chances of water leaking from it.

Always use RO water or distilled water in a garment steamer.

✅. Pro
✅. Plenty Of Features
✅. Easy To Use
✅. Save Time
✅. No Burning Of Clothes
❌. Con
❌. use only RO water or distilled water for the long run

4. Litmus Ultra-Portable Garment Steamer (Luxury Edition)

 Litmus Ultra-Portable Garment Steamer (Luxury Edition)

ManufacturerHMB Commercial Private Limited
Dimensions8.7 x 2.7 x 2.4 cm
Item Weight500gm
Cord Length1.3 meter
Includes Garment Steamer, Measuring Cup, Travel Pouch, Instruction Manual

It is a handheld garment steamer the litmus brand. Which is a luxury audition. Which comes in golden and white color. This garment steamer looks classy and elegant in appearance. You can guess from its design. How lightweight and portable it is.

This Litmus brand garment steamer can be used for all types of fabric. Which makes the clothes de-wrinkle within 2 minutes. High technology has been used to make this garment steamer.

It provides ultra-fast preheating in 30 seconds. Which gives steam for 5 consecutive minutes. An I button is given which starts to steam as soon as it is touched. Which represents when steam is ready. Its water tank has a capacity of 85ml.

In this garment steamer, you get high technology electronic PCB with thermal and fuse dual protection. This provides the assurance of durability and the highest safety while steaming. It sterilizes clothing by killing 99.9% of the germs from clothing. This garment steamer can iron the clothes vertically and horizontally.

Always use RO water or distilled water to use the garment steamer.

✅ Easy To Use
✅ Save Time
✅ LightWeight
✅ Travel Friendly
✅ Great Quality
✅ No burning of clothes
❌ Nothing

5. Black+Decker Handheld Portable Garment Steamer 

Black+Decker Handheld Portable Garment Steamer

ManufacturerBlack+ Decker
Dimensions14 x 20.3 x 24.5 cm
Model NumberBXGS1501IN
Item Weight1kg 400gm
IncludesProduct and User Manual
Warranty2 Years

It is a handheld garment steamer of the Black + Decker brand. Which gives a stylish and classy look. Which are 1500 watts. Its operating voltage is from 220-240. this is lightweight and travel friendly. It can be easily stored anywhere.

Anti-calc technology has been used. Which enhances the life of this garment steam. It can be used on all types of fabrics that iron out clothes as well as kill 99.9% of bacteria. This steamer provides 21gm /min continuous steaming.

So that your work goes to finish quickly. And saves time. It has an on / off adjustable button. In which 2 modes are being given, high power, and reduce power. Which you can select Desire Temperature according to the fabric. And can start iron by locking it.

Always use RO water or distilled water to use the garment steamer.

✅ Great Quality
✅ Compact
✅ Value For Money
✅ LightWeight
✅ No burning of clothes
❌ Water may leak if there is too much water in the tank

6. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

Dimensions12.8 x 38 x 15 cm
Item Weight892gm
cord length2.5 meter
IncludesGarment Steamer, Brush, glove, user manual
Warranty2 Years

It is a handheld garment steamer from the Philips brand of 1200 watts. This steamer gives an elegant and classy look. Its voltage ranges from 220-240. Which gives 22 gm /min steaming continuously. Which kills 99.9% of bacteria. And gives your clothes a fresh and clean look.

It is compact and has lightweight in use. You can also use it for traveling. It comes with a détechable water tank which has a capacity of 70ml. You can use this steamer on all types of fabric. To steam clothes you can steam horizontally and vertically.

To make steaming even better, this Garment Steamer features SmartFlow heating plates. Which makes the clothing of Irving even more conviniant.

Always use RO water or distilled water to use the garment steamer.

✅ Compact
✅ Great Quality
✅ Easy To Use
✅ Value For Money
✅ All type of clothes
❌ Water may leak if there is too much water in the tank

7. WisTec Reliable DashHandheld Garment Steamer

WisTec Reliable DashHandheld Garment Steamer

Dimensions20 x 10 x 20 cm
Item Weight499gm
Cord Length8.2-Foot Electric Cord
IncludesDetachable Brush, Manual
Warranty1 Year

It is the handheld garment steamer of the WisTac brand. Which are 1500 watts. it looks stylish and classy. Which is portable, travel friendly, and fits in the smallest space anywhere

Which, along with ironing all your types of clothes within 30 seconds, also disinfects clothes, germs, and bacteria. The Handels Garment Steamer has a removable water tank capacity of 300ml. Which continuously generates steam for 11 minutes. it has a heavy grip and offers high capacity steam.

High-end thermostat technology has been used in this steamer. Which controls the temperature. And thermal fuse protects you from accidents as the temperature increases. Multipage tests have also been done while constructing this steamer. such as Water leaking inside the product, etc.

It has a jet lock and unlocks system, which does not let your hands get tired of ironing for a long time. With the help of this steamer, you can also iron the curtains, sheets, couch, etc. Which will give your clothes a wrinkle-free and polish look. Which cannot be from a traditional iron.

The plates of this handheld steamer are made of the ceramic soleplate. This steamer can be used at any angle, whether vertically or horizontally. But you have to make sure that the water tank of the steamer stays in a horizontal way.

Always use RO water or distilled water to use the garment steamer.

✅ Great Quality
✅ Affordable
✅ Easy To Handle
✅ No Burning Of Clothes
✅ All Type Of Clothes
✅ LightWeight
❌. Con
❌. Keep the water tank in a horizontal way while ironing.

8. BHAKTI NANDAN™ Handheld Facial And Garment Steamer

BHAKTI NANDAN™ Handheld Garment Steamer

manufacturerBHAKTI NANDAN
dimensions8 x 14 x 9 cm
item weight410gm
Unit1.00 Count

This is the 2 in1 handheld garment and a facial steamer of the BHAKTI NANDAN brand. Which is made of ABS plastic. Whose rated power is 750 / 375W, the rated voltage is 220–240 V / 50–60Hz. It is portable, travel friendly, and can be easily stored.

This steamer can be used on all types of clothing. Such as fiber, silk, linen, Woolen products, cotton-padded jackets, wedding dress, curtains, soft covers, suits, bed sheets, car seats, etc.

Along with ironing your clothes, it ends germs and bacteria hidden in them. It de-wrinkles clothing. And gives them a neat and clean look. Not only this. with this steamer you can also steam the face so that it cleans your skin.

Safe and Gentle for clothing. Auto shut Off features are being given in this steamer. So that when the water level is low and the product is high heat, it turns off automatically. This steamer also performs sterilization, disinfection, humidification from clothing.

Its water capacity is 200ml. Which heats up completely in 2 minutes. and gives spit and drip-proof water performance.

Always use RO water or distilled water in a garment steamer.

✅ 2 in 1 (garment and facial)
✅ Affordable
✅ All Types Of Clothes
✅ Save Time
✅ Easy To Use
❌. Con
❌. Do not add too much water which may cause water leaking

9. Inalsa Steamax Garment Steamer

Inalsa Steamax Garment Steamer

manufacturerTuareg Marketing Pvt.Ltd
dimensions12.5 x 14.5 x 26 cm
item weight900gm
cord length360degree swivel cord
includesMain Unit, Water Tank, Fabric Brush, Steam Brush, Instruction Manual cum Warranty Card
warranty1 year

It is a Garments Steamer of the Inalsa Steamax brand. Which are 1200 watts. Which is visible in white and pink color. It gives a classy and elegant look. You can use this garment steamer on all types of fabrics. You can use this steamer vertically or horizontally. Which is portable, easy to use, also travel friendly.

Which disinfects your clothes by wrinkling them. Which saves you including yourself. In this steamer, your rapid even heat technology is being featured. Gives you better performance every time. So that you can get a professional finish in your home comfort.

This steamer comes with a lock and unlocks button that produces powerful steaming continuously for 20 gm/min and heats up in a few seconds. Which also removes the stubborn crease along with Fast ironing. It comes with a steamer detachable, a large nozzle, and a fabric steam brush.

The moth reaches steam inside the clothes and gives them a smooth finish. so that ends your work quickly. While making this steamer, it has features such as dry boiling protection and overheats protection.

Which is turned off automatically if the unit becomes overheated or the water level is reduced while using it. Along with this, you get a water tank of 260ml. With which you can iron a lot of clothes at once.

Always use RO water or distilled water to use the garment steamer.

✅. Pro
✅. Lightweight
✅. Inbuilt quality
✅. Easy To Use
✅. No Burning Of Clothes
✅. All Type Of Fabric
❌. Con
❌. Do not add too much water which may cause water leakage
❌. Take care of your hands while steam comes out

Important Safety And Guidelines While Using Garment Steamer

We want to share with you some things related to the use of garment steamers. Which will make steaming of your clothes much easier.

  1. Whenever you use a garment steamer, first of all, fill it with RO water or distilled water. So that your steamer will last longer and there will be no fault quickly.
  2. Never fill the water tank completely. Be sure to keep a few gaps as this will not prevent the chances of water leaking into the steamer.
  3. Allow the steamer to completely heat up for best steaming and best performance. Do not use it until the steam is completely generated.
  4. If not used, keep the steamer in a horizontal way. This will prevent the chances of water leaking inside the steamer.
  5. Keep your hands away while steaming clothes, otherwise they may burn. (By the way, gloves are also provided with some steamers. But not all brands have this. You can buy heat protection gloves separately to avoid burning hands)
  6. If the water level is low, use the steamer only after filling it again. If you do not do this. The steamer will soon stop working properly.
  7. After use, store the steamer only after removing the remaining water in the steamer. And be careful. Remove only after the water cools.
  8. After the work is finished, store it only after letting the steamer cool down properly.

All these things increase the life of your steamer.

Difference Between Cloth Steamer And Traditional Iron

Now the question in your mind is if we have a Traditional Iron. So Why Do We Buy Cloth Steamers, why Cloth Steamers Needed? Therefore, we will tell you the difference between the two, so that you will know about their benefits and losses in detail.

  1. All types of clothing cannot be ironed with a traditional iron. It cannot work on clothes of heavy embroideries, sheer, and net clothes. But cloth steamers can iron all types of clothing. Then whether it is an embroidered or a place where the traditional iron cannot reach.
  2. Compared to traditional iron, cloth steamers iron clothes less time. Which saves you up to 50% of the time.
  3. Traditional iron will iron your clothes and eliminate its wrinkles and dirty creases. But cloth steamer iron your clothes and disinfect them by eliminating germs and bacteria hidden in the clothes.
  4. If you have not set the heat according to the fabric on traditional iron, your chances of burning clothes can increase due to that. But the cloth steamer does not burn your clothes. No matter what fabric it is.
  5. To use traditional iron, you need to iron by laying an iron table and a thick cloth. But to iron with cloth steamer, you can only steam a cloth by hanging it in a hanger.
  6. Cloth steamers do not make your hands more tired than traditional iron.

How To Buy Good And Durable Clothe Steamer In A Budget

We will give you some buying guide a good and durable cloth steamer, with the help of this you will be able to buy the best garment steamer for yourself.

1. According To Your Needs

You have to know before buying a cloth steamer. For what you want to buy cloth steamer If you want to spend less money, you can go with a handheld garment steamer.

2. For Traveling

Handheld Garment Steamer would be best if you want to use it for traveling. The handheld cloth steamer goes with all kinds of clothes. And saves you time. By which all your basic needs will be fulfilled.

3. Pay Attention To Heating Time

To buy a good and durable cloth steamer you will need to pay attention to its heating time. Which you will find in a handheld garments steamer on a low budget. Whose heating time is within 25 seconds to 1 minute. And the steaming is also quite efficient.

4. Pay Attention In Water Tank Size

How long will steam be ready, and how long will Continuous steam. It all depends on the water tank size. And in a handheld cloth steamer, you get a water tank capacity from 70ml to 300ml. If you want more water tank capacity then you can go with a floor model cloth steamer.

5. Easy To Store

For your convenience, there are many sizes, weights, and different types of cloth steamers available in the online market. If you want to buy a cheap portable and easily storable steamer, then a handheld garment steamer is the best.

6. Features And Performance

When it comes to features and performance, the best cloth steamer should have an automatic plug on/off button feature. Which should be shut off automatically when the water is low or the unit is overheated. So that there is no accident inadvertently. The capacity of the water tank is good. Could iron more clothes in minimum time. And have heat protection gloves so that your fingers are protected from steam.

If you follow all these buying tips then you will be able to buy a best cloth steamer for yourself on a low budget.


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