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[7Best] Affordable Running Shoes Under 1500 In [2021] Review



[7Best] Affordable Running Shoes Under 1500 In [2020] Review

If you are finding it difficult to choose running shoes. So we have selected some [7Best] Affordable Running Shoes Under 1500 In [2020] Review

Where you will also be told to pros and cons to buy these shoes. Which will make your purchase even easier.

You can wear all these shoes for running as well as casually. At this time it is the Most Tending Shoes.

Best Sellers in Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

1. Puma Men’s Neutron IDP Running Shoes

Puma Men's Neutron IDP Running Shoes

In accessories, Puma has become a very popular brand today. If you hear Puma’s name. That’s why you close your eyes and believe. The Puma company distributes its products to more than 120 countries.

Puma shoes give the best performance in running, sports, fitness, and other sports. Puma brands are everyone’s favorite choice. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable for dry feet and feet.

You can also use these shoes casually. Such as can be used in hiking and other things. And is made of highly durable material.

Size is available in 6 UK to 11UK. These brands are available in three colors. Gray, Navy Blue, and Black.

To increase the long life of shoes, keep them in their box after use and keep them in the air from time to time so as not to stink. When the shoes are dirty, wipe them with a clean cloth and use them. But do not use any polish or shiners.


Shoes TypeRunning
ClosureLace Up
Shoe WithMedium
Material Synthetic
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days
✅. Pro
✅ Value For Money
✅. Multi Usage
✅. Good Material
❌. Nothing

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2. Sparx Women’s Mesh Sports Running Shoes

Sparx Women's Mesh Sports Running Shoes

Today, Sparks is a well-known brand of shoes. These flat shoes are stylish as well as pocket friendly. And you can use it in activities like running, sports, walking, fitness, golf, etc.

Apart from this, these shoes can be designed for long walks and also for casual use due to their lightweight. it is a highly durable material.

This shoe is available in 6UK to 8UK sizes. This shoe comes in 3 colors. Navy-pink, black-red, gray-pink. It is comfortable. And keep the feet dry for a long time.

To increase the long life of shoes, keep it in its box. Keep the wind blowing from time to time so as not to stink. And when dirty, wipe it with a clean dry cloth.


Shoe CategorySports
Sole Manmade
Closure Lace-Up
Shoe WidthMedium
Inner MaterialMesh
Outer MaterialMesh
Product Warranty

✅. Pro
✅ Value For Money
✅. Affordable
✅. Multi Usage
✅. Good Quality
✅. Washable
❌ Nothing

3. Lotto Men’s Downey Blk/White Running Shoes (40 EU) (AL4859-010)

Lotto Men's Downey Blk/White Running Shoes-6 UK/India (40 EU) (AL4859-010)

Lotto has become a well-known brand. The flat running shoes of this brand are in great demand nowadays. The brand develops its producers in 100 countries. It is good quality and stylish shoes, which will suit your personality. this brand is available at affordable prices.

You can use these shoes in walking, running, fitness, sports, etc. Along with this, you can do it in the long run and also in casual. Lotto makes a high-quality sports item.

Whether it’s a t-shirt, sports items, or accessories. This brand is of high performance. In these shoes, you will get sizes from 6uk to 10uk.

These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable for the feet. You can wear these shoes for a long time as well so that there will be no sweat.

Always make shoes air after use. If you want Let’s not spoil the shape of the shoes. So you always keep shoes in their box. When dirty, clean the shoes with a clean cloth. And do not use any polish and shiners at all.


Shoe TypeLace Up
Shoe Weight399 gm
Shoe WidthMedium
Material Type Mesh
Manufacturer Warranty30 Days

✅. Pro
✅ value for money
✅. multi usage
✅. affordable
✅. Good Quality
❌. Con
❌. Nothing

4. Duke Men’s Fwol1210 Running Shoes

Duke Men's Fwol1210 Running Shoes

The duke brand is a well-known brand in shoes. This black/ gray color flat running shoes of this brand are stylish in appearance as well as comfortable.

You can choose shoes for fitness, sports, golf, etc. Apart from this, it can also be done for long walks, running and casual.

This shoe is sweat-free and comfortable for the feet. this shoe is use shoes. The shoes are available in sizes from 6uk to 10uk.

Duke makes even more accessories than brand shoes. Such as sports items and T-shirts etc. To keep the shape of the shoes, keep the shoes in its box. And always keep the wind-up. And when dirty, wipe with a dry cloth. the shoes are available in 3 colors black, gray/black, and blue.


closurelace up
shoes widthregular
outer materialtextile
toe styleround toe
Warranty15 Days
✅. Multi Usage
✅. Affordable
✅. Good Quality
✅. Value For Money
✅. True In Size
❌. Con
❌. Nothing

5. Campus Men’s Tyson Running Shoes

It is the black running shoe of the campus brand. Which is lightweight as well as comfortably.

With which you can use every activity like sports, fitness, sports. It is comfortable for the feet for a long time.

This shoe is available in sizes 6uk to 10uk. You can order your usual size, this shoe is true in size. This campus shoe is available in 5 colors Burgundy / Black, ch. gray/black, navy yellow, navy / red, black / TL.BLU.

To make more maintenance, you should take good care of them. Keep the air from time to time. To keep the shape of the shoes, keep them in their box. And when dirty, clean with a dry cloth.


ClosureSlip On
Shoes WidthMedium
Material TypeMesh
✅ Multi Usage
✅ Value For Money
✅ Affordable
✅ True In Size
❌ Nothing

6. Reebok Men’s Speed Runner Lp Running Shoes

The Reebok brand is the best-known brand in sports today. This running shoe is stylish and comfortable looking.

You can use this running sports shoes in all sports, golf, fitness. Along with this, you can use it in a long walk, and also in Casual.

These shoes also keep the feet away from sweat. And comfortable for the feet.

This Reebok shoe is available in 6uk to 10uk sizes. You can order the actual size in this shoe. This is true in size.

This Reebok shoe is available in 6uk to 11uk sizes. This shoe is available in 2 colors. Navy / Red Rush, Dark Cypress / Chalk / Green / Nacho.

To increase the long life of shoes, keep them in the box itself. Keep the air blowing from time to time. And clean with dirty clothes when dirty.


closure lace up
shoe widthregular
outer materialsynthetic
toe styleround
warranty description90 days
✅ Value For Money
✅ Multi-Purpose
✅ True In Size
✅ Easy To Use
❌ Nothing

7. Nivia Yorks Running Shoe (Grey/Black)

This Nivia York running shoes has become a famous brand of today. The running shoes of this brand are being liked a lot.

this shoe is black/gray color unique and stylish to look at. The upper part of this shoe is made of polyester yarn. You can use these shoes in any movement Such as Fitness, Sports, Golf, cricket, etc.

This shoe is comfortable and lightweight. And comfortable for the feet. Which you can do for a long time.

The shoes are Good Ventilation and Sweat Absorb. This shoe is flexible due to flexo technology. The foam is durable and shock absorbing due to the foam midsole.

The Nivia brand shoes are available in 5uk to 11uk sizes. To increase the long life of shoes, keep it in its box. Get air when needed. Clean with a dry cloth.


SolePhylon And Rubber
Outer MaterialPolyester Yarn

✅. Pro
✅. Affordable
✅. Value For Money
✅. Multi-purpose
✅. Washable
❌. Con
❌. Nothing

Buying Guide

I think you have chosen your favorite shoes? Well, there is a turn after selecting the shoes. What things should we keep in mind while buying shoes? So, let us discuss this topic further.

1. Do Not Go For Look

Do not go to his look while buying running shoes. Always see that shortcomings, does she meet your needs or not. What are you looking for in it, are all those things in it?

2. Quality Is Must

While choosing running shoes, you must pay attention to the quality of the shoes as quality determines the long life and comfort of your shoes.

3. Sole Texture

When buying running shoes, it is very important to pay attention to Sole’s texture. Shoes should always be slightly thicker. Do not take too much thick sole. Because it increases the chances of an ankle twist.

4. No Noise

No sound is needed while walking through shoes. This noise comes when the shoes are hard to sole. So, please keep this in mind when buying running shoes.

5. Front To Bend

Sole must bend from the front, shoes should not be too much in the middle. Which can cause your problem in walking? And the chances of foot pain may increase. And you won’t be able to last long.

6. Ventilation

While buying running shoes, it is very important to have ventilation in the shoes, that is, a net is made in it. Whose wind will cross and do not sweat in feet.

7. Light Weight

The weight of running shoes should not be high, which can cause problems in your running. buy running shoes at least for weight.

8. Must Be Arch

When buying running shoes, it is important to have an arch (ie, a gap in the heel and claw) in the shoes. This does not make it difficult to lift the legs while running and reduces the chance of pain.

9. No Tight No Loose

The size of the running shoes should be perfect for your foot. Shoes should be looser and not too tight at all. Because shoes can scratch your feet when too tight, and loose shoes may cause pain while running.

These were some buying guide tips that will help you in purchasing your affordable and cheap price running shoes.

After knowing the buying guide, you will definitely have questions. We have tried to answer some of your similar questions.

Faqs About Running Shoes.

1. Do You Really Need Expensive Running Shoes?

So the answer is no, not at all. A good running shoe does not have to be expensive. If your budget is low.

You can still buy a good running shoe. Whatever shoes you are looking to buy. Shortlist them Then see the quality of all of them.

2. What Are The Best Budget Running Shoes?

In this post, we have given you a review of the running shoes of Cheap and Best Brands. Which is budget-friendly as well as multipurpose. You can buy it according to your needs.

3. What Are Brands Running Shoes Last Longest?

All brands of running shoes are good. It is difficult to say about anyone’s brand. Whatever it is, if you take good care of it, then it will be last long. As such, we have also given care instructions for shoes in every brand review.

But still, there are some brands which are being very popular these days due to their affordability and quality. Such as Lotto, Reebok, Adidas, Sparks. Duke, etc.

4. Are Cheap Running Shoes Good?

It is not necessary that cheap shoes are not good. You can also take good branded shoes at the time of sale. Where you get a good discount. And you get good branded shoes at a cheap rate.

5. Can I Use Running Shoes For Some Other Purpose?

Why not, you use running shoes in casual, apart from fitness, sports, gym, etc. as it is lightweight which gives comfort to your feet.

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